About Me

Allen  Austin-Bishop is an appealing singer with a powerful voice whose music crosses the artificial boundary lines between jazz, pop and groove music. His distinctive style and confident authority let listeners know that, like Gil Scott-Heron and Billie Holiday, he means every word that he sings. One certainly never doubts his sincerity or his determination to interpret music in his own unique way. 

 Born in Newark, New Jersey, Allen Austin-Bishop is based in London. He made a strong impression with his 2017 debut Sorry Grateful which featured him mostly singing standards for which he gave a new spin. He has also recorded 2018’s No One Is Alone and the EP Summertime.  With the release of Why Go?,” in 2022,  the talented singer is fulfilling his potential, introducing listeners to a variety of superior contemporary material, and carving out his own musical path in the jazz and pop music worlds.