You told me that I write with ‘angst‘.  I respond, telling you that I write with words, and leave it to you to add the angst.


I don’t follow, I lead. Why date sheep, when you’re married to the butcher.

Last Laugh

Having had the last laugh, he saw the humour in his ultimate death.

In living, others, he would never find out, just got to laugh a lot longer.


Having freed himself of her lies some time ago,
her silence was the last word she spoke to him.


You are my first thought in the morning,
the last in the evening,
and the many thoughts in between.

AAB’s Lament

He knew no love song or poem would ever be written for him;
not even those written in his own words.

You are…

Let me be the person that tells you, every single morning,
that you are both beautiful and remarkable.


You called yourself a failure because you chipped a finger nail.
That’s when I knew I needed so much more than you;
and you needed so much less of me.